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Happy Birthday to youuuu!... (just don't eat the cake! It'll be kinda gritty) Great idea for a last minute centerpiece! #beach #sand #vistaquartz #candles #summer #sun #garden #patio #terras

Cut the bottoms off wine bottles to use for candle covers, keeps the wind from blowing them out when outside.

DIY Cinnamon Candle in an apothecary jar. Easy idea for a great home smell

Outdoor Lighting!


31 Useful And Most Popular DIY Ideas, Diy Lights for the backyard

Soooooo much better than Solo cups!!! Great idea for showers/parties/ get-togethers!

Love this for a different party idea. . Cone shaped glasses ● silver decorative balls ● tall thin candles ●...A few of these set in group's would be great for a different elegant centerpiece.

Recycled jars for outdoor lights

DIY Solar Powered Patio Lamp

Im Sommer auf die Terrasse damit! Great for outside buckets or when power is out

Cute outdoor patio idea

DIY Candle Planters

THANKSGIVING: a great centerpiece idea so you can use an unscented soy candle (safer to breathe!) and still get a great smell!

Candles of different shapes and sizes set in a big lantern. Silver and gold add a glamorous note to the rustic lantern. easy and cheap!!! DIY Patio Lights

Cool DIY idea. Paint a large sheet of plywood with chalkboard paint and attach to the backyard fence. Give the kids a bucket of colored chalk for tons of art fun! - Project Denneler