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  • Jasmine Stevens

    The Harry Potter series. It's worth reading!

  • Loar Zour - Chant des Fées

    How JK Rowling wrote the Harry Potter Book series ...

  • Brigette Nelson

    My favorite book series to date! Amazing!

  • Eirinn Dougherty

    you knew this would be on my books worth reading board

  • Sheila Rajaram

    Not much to say about the Harry Potter series other than it's one of my favourite series of all time!! JK Rowling creates such an amazing world. The characters on Harry, Ron & Hermonie are amazing! I'm just sad there are no more books or movies in the series to enjoy! I highly recommend this series!!

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They actually are their characters.

hogwarts, hogwarts, hoggy warty hogwarts, teach us something please, weather we be old and bald, or young with scabby knees. our heads could do with filling with some interesting stuff. for now they're bare and full of air, dead flies and bits of stuff. so teach us things worth knowing, bring back what we've forgot. just do your best, we'll do the rest and learn untill our brains all rot.

Papercraft Potter, from the cupboard under the stairs to the wizarding school's owlery.

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Keep Calm. oh. my. godness! I love this! Sarah Redlich@Kristin Dethloff das MUSS aufgehängt werden :)

Harry Potter Facts Part 2. Part 5: Part 4:

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