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  • Marcellous Jones

    Everyone with a smart phone has probably played the game “Word with Friend.” When I first started playing this game I sucked. Even though I wasn’t really good it was so addictive. As time went on I begin to learn more and more words from memorization playing against stiff competition. Even though it may seem childish, this game helped me expand my vocabulary because words that I did not know I would immediately look up in the dictionary and start applying them to my everyday vocabulary.

  • Cassie Verdichizzi

    this cant be real life..

  • Catherine Finch

    Not too funny, but holy cow!!

  • Ginny Wareing

    No way! Holy cow!

  • Stephanie Hooks

    Playing Words with Friends like a boss.

  • Nicole Gnage

    If I ever get randomly paired with this person I'm resigning right away

  • Brittany Williams

    words with friends god

  • Erika Menchaca

    man, some friend.... [RESIGN] .... Holy Cow!!!!

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