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    • J Simpson

      "Mind jar aka calm down jar"-shake the jar and the child has to watch it until the glitter settles. Great idea for calming down kids! Or an alternative to using "time out".

    • Citielight Jones

      The Calm Jar. (Colored Water with Glitter) Shake it when your mad and watch the glitter settle to the bottom. It gives you time to calm your emotions down. >>> Great idea!!! Slightly different then the time out one, not timed, they can play with it.

    • Sarah Witt

      create a glitter jar as a "time out" to calm down a crazy kid. shake jar, take a time out to watch glitter settle and then resume

    • Sherry Cooper

      A 'calm down jar' - shake the jar and the child has to watch the jar until the glitter settles. great alternative to using 'time out' as calm down time. GREAT idea - gives them something to focus on. I'd use plastic though because glass + my kids = disaster.

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