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  • Rachel Wesley

    This time of year we sometimes find ourselves glancing "over the fence" at the family celebrations of our friends and neighbors with a wistful sigh. Its so much easier to look through a window and imagine the Norman Rockwell painting when we don't see the holiday ideal in our own family. Well you know what? I wasn't there but I can guarantee you that scene in the painting was LOUD. I can also guarantee you some of those folks drove hours to be there, bickering all the way. And some complained of how the turkey was cooked, or that so-and-so's wife had on too much lipstick (having no idea that complaining was a surer sign of their own character). But at that moment in the painting those folks from Mr. Rockwell's mind clicked. They were a family gathered around a dinner table to give thanks. And in that moment, no matter the imperfections and faults, they became beautiful. And the imaginary photo was snapped. That was the take away. It'll be there for your family, too. All you gotta do is shift the focus away from the neighbor's picture window so you can see the art surrounding you. You may have turkey with all the trimmings, but it just won't taste right unless you bring a thankful heart. -Christy Jordan

  • Ana Cabello Sánchez

    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! "Freedom from want" (1943) - Norman Rockwell.

  • Moire Studios

    This painting is one of a series called "The Four Freedoms", done by Norman Rockwell in 1943. This painting - "Freedom from Want" - has become an iconic image. | Hi Friends, want to see more pins like this? Make sure to follow our board @moirestudiosjkt #normanrockwell

  • Sandra Palacios

    Norman Rockwell Freedom From Want American Family Thanksgiving dinner

  • Mandy McKee

    Norman Rockwell Thanksgiving Freedom from Want #autumn #fall #thanksgiving #family #dinner #turkey #table #illustration #vintage

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Norman Rockwell's Rosie the Riveter. A 52 X 40 oil on canvas painting created in 1943 and used as the cover image for the Saturday Evening Post.

Tips for Thanksgiving Serenity Painting by Norman Rockwell. First seen in the March 6, 1943 Issue of The Saturday Evening Post: The Four Freedoms Series Read more: by Norman Rockwell

Freedom of Worship. Norman Rockwell, Saturday Evening Post, Feb. 1943.  From the Four Freedoms series.

The Four Freedoms ~ the original paintings hang in Stockbridge, MA at the Norman Rockwell museum. If you are ever in that area, make it a goal to visit this museum, especially if you are from the "Saturday Evening Post" generation. You'll love it!

Freedom of Worship. Norman Rockwell. "Each according to the dictates of his own conscience."

Freedom from Fear - The Four Freedoms series by Norman Rockwell

The Four Freedoms-Freedom of Speech, Freedom of Religion, Freedom from Want, Freedom from Fear---- Norman Rockwell

Freedom of Worship - During World War II, 1939-1945, Rockwell painted his Four Freedoms series, a group of paintings inspired by a speech from President Franklin D. Roosevelt. They were the Freedom from Want, Freedom of Worship, Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Fear, and were published by the Post.

1960 Democratic Convention - by Norman Rockwell