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    Great blog!! How to be a fun Mom & Changing Behavior by spending One on One time. Just good reminders and makes for a happier Mom too! (I might need this later in life!)

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    • Lisa Palermo

      Great blog!! Great info on kids being respectful.. This is fading away and kids need to learn R-E-S-P-E-C-T!! It amazing how kids talk to there parents, etc.. Such a sad thing, a dis-respectful kid! Parents please take a good look at the tone your kids talk with you and others.

    • Shannon Weber

      How to be a fun mom & Changing Behavior. Just good reminders and makes for a happier mom too!

    • Taiya Cargo

      Family Volley: How To Be A "Fun Mom" - stuff we should know, but have trouble remembering.

    • Joyce Hardy

      Great blog!! How to be a fun Mom Just good reminders and makes for a happier Mom too!

    • Lara Merritt

      How to Be a "Fun Mom," plus lots of other parenting advice and reminders on this blog

    • Beth Whitney

      Good blog on being a fun mom and reminders to be a happier mom too.

    • Hannah Bulthuis

      This blog has great parenting tips

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