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  • Shirley Hall

    Childhood Memory Keeper: Petticoat Junction.

  • Cindy Hertz

    Petticoat Junction TV Series | Petticoat Junction

  • Joanie Dakis Mierzwa

    Petticoat Junction @ Hootersville This show had been a spin off from The Beverly Hillbillies and then Green Acres was a spin off of Petticoat Junction. All 3 shows were very successful.

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I'd watch this before going to school in the morning.

The Uncle played in many of the first and second season episodes of Green Acres. The only character on Petticoat Junction that I thought was obnoxious! Not a role example for sure! Otherwise - this show was zany and a semi-real and entertaining capture of what rural America was believed to encounter along the tracks of backwoods life.

"There's Uncle Joe and he's moving kind of slow at the Junction...Petty Coat Junction..." Had a huge crush on Betty Jo! Thought it was cool that Sam Drucker was on this show and Green Acres.

63-70 The misadventures of the family staff of The Shady Rest Hotel and their neighbors of Hooterville.

Petticoat Junction - Those were the days! I remember my parents thinking this shot was a little risqué but they did let us watch it. I think Daddy may have won that one!

Theme Songs From The 60's Every since I had been a little girl I was always intrigued by old re-runs and songs, I used to memorize them and either hum or sing them throughout the years. The 60's was a time when little ones would cry when they watched Flipper or Lassie, every little boy wanted to be like Batman and Robin running around town with the bat-mobile solving cases while the little girls hoped to be wiggle there noses dreaming that things would disappear and reappear just like the ...

The girls from petticoat junction. Did you love this show too?

Betty Jo, Bobbie Jo, and Billie Jo from Petticoat Junction

Higgins the dog, best known as the original actor to play the part of Benji. I actually got meet and play with him on the set of the TV show Petticoat Junction in 1969 when I was 3.

Highlights Magazines Stories, riddles, cartoons, hidden pictures...truly a well put together children's magazine. Remember Gallant & Goofus? One always did the right thing and the other was just plain wrong. Provided not-so-subtle lessons on civic responsibility, kindness, etc.

I wore one like this...nylon petticoat. they were always scratchy and uncomfortable, but they made your skirt puff out so nicely!

Remember the library "check out" card? If you've even been IN a library lately - it's all scanned. But - really - doesn't everyone do this via Kindle now?