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DIY Succulent Kissing Ball -

DIY Succulent Kissing Ball

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How To Make a Succulent Kissing Ball

Succulent Plant Balls You Won’t Want to Throw—A DIY on how to make one.

This rooftop succulent garden birdhouse was made with care by Cindy of "The succulent Perch" in So. California. Isn't it amazing? Please visit her link to see more of her gorgeous creations and succulents.

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How to Propagate Succulents from Leaves and Cuttings

ROOTING SUCCULENTS - cleanly pull/break leaf from plant making sure whole leaf is in tact. Allow to dry out & end to scab over. Place leaf on top of soil. (if you bury the cut end in soil, it will only root from that end. If you lay on top of soil, it will grow both roots & form new plant) Water when soil becomes dry. Roots and new plants should start to grow with in a couple of weeks.

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Make a Living Succulent Picture

Step 8: Poke a Hole On a flat surface, lay out succulent cuttings in the design you want in the frame. Push a chopstick or pencil through one square of the wire grid and into the soil. Meyers recommends starting near one corner of the frame. "I love to create a wave or river through the picture," she says. "It gives the eyes somewhere to drift."