waaa baby lions are the cutest. http://huff.to/OK64UY

magicalnaturetour:Waiting for winter (by conwest_john)


♡ Tiger Cat Cats Kitty Kitties Kitten Kittens Feline Katze chat gatto cat котэ kočka druku gato katt macska tulostettava Art Photo

Lion cub

pin: @imogennaomi

sleepy alphie

A Lion And A Tiger Cub ~ "Happily Playing Together." (Another Lion Cub lies in the background.)

Shy Lion

* * Expect the best, and keep your heart and mind open to receive it.

otter baby

"But fat cat on the mat kept as a pet he does not forget." ~J. R. R. Tolkien

I want one :)

Big cats~

baby animals are the cutest

White tiger

Leopard baby

Two cats protect the black cat in the middle. Knitting tails Photo by Yutaka Yuhara -- National Geographic Your Shot

baby lion OMG how cute is lil simba?

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Cute Monkey and Lion Cub