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This is simply the BEST website hands down that I've come across on organization for teachers. Mrs. McDavid shows you not just organization pictures, but more importantly, she explains and gives several hints and tips on how to use it and keep it organized. DEFINITELY A MUST SEE!

Piano Finger Twister! A game for practicing RH versus LH and piano fingering 1-5.

I'm pretty sure I have never seen a teacher THIS organized before!! Wow! I'm jealous...I want to be her. Her entire blog post has amazing pictures of classroom organization. These are binders for every topic, season, etc.

Pink Slip - For students who don't have homework.- I love the options for why homework was not done, this would be good to combine with the no homework binder. Have a list of options and kids write a number for the reason they don't have their homework.

I so need to do this to organize my homework and other binder inserts. Super Smart. Folder labels for Me: p/t log, behavior calendar, babbler/monthly cal, sw cards, math, RW sheets, trace & color sw, etc.

Your CLASSROOM ORGANIZATION answer! This is my latest binder - Navy Rainbow! 450+ pages of editable organization, CCSS checklists, Excel lesson planning and grade book options, and more!

Put student's names on the back of YOUR nametag so that you won't have to worry about finding the list during something like a firedrill. Most brillian idea ever.