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  • Eden

    glass paint tumblers tutorial

  • touvang

    Love these DIY tumblers for the Spring!

  • Roy G. Biv

    hand painted glass tumblers!

  • Char DeWall

    As you know, I love any and all DIY projects that make use of thrifted glassware (hello, mod dot drinking glasses!). This is a really fun idea you can apply not only to tumblers but any kind of glass dish -- bowls and vases would look awesome, too! So, hit up your favorite thrift store and let's make some pretty glasses! �� � Michelle Edgemont put together this tutorial for Say Yes to Hoboken and I absolutely love it. It even reminds me a bit of some expensive pieces I've seen at Anthropologie lately! So, how do you get the...

  • l a l a

    Diy painted tumblers

  • Andrea Surette

    DIY painted glass tumblers

  • Heather Libbey

    20 Easy Glass Painting Projects (DIY Glass Paint)

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