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  • Jessy

    RE: Ashley Lawrence, who also stars on “Gator Boys,” is the exception to every rule. During the week she sizes her 4’11” frame up to massive alligators, she handles venomous snakes

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I can't help it....I just love them!! They're such amazing creatures!!! XOXO, Ambi

"Gator Boys" is another show that I like. It's about how they catch alligators and other clips and fun facts. The reason why it is inspiring is that it looks fun, but can be dangerous.

Gator boy sticks head in Alligators mouth, that he just rescued!

Ashley Lawrence of Animal Planets Gator Boys shows no fear and happily tickles a deadly alligator, on July 30, 2013. She wrestles and swims with them as part of her job which is helping to rescue dangerous gators from Floridas everglades and safely relocate them. (Photo by Mac Stone/Caters News)

The "Gator Boys" came to the Gulf Coast Gator Ranch this summer. The two operate Gator Boys Alligator Rescue, capturing nuisance alligators with their bare hands and moving them to safety before the trappers arrive who kill the animals for their meat and skin.

I don’t know what bothers me more… the fact that someone would molest an alligator or the fact that it is so prevalent they needed to make a sign asking people not to do it.

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