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When I designed the desk, I built it at a good hight for a work bench (not necessarily a jewelers bench). After a while of hunching and a couple of sore days, it was time to do something about it! First I figured I was going to have to extend the legs- Then I came up with this. It works better anyway, as I like the hight of the table top. I'm very happy with it so far, it could also serve as a quick bench for any table!

Jewelers bench BENTFORMS, via Flickr. What heaven must look like!

Jewelry bench in the old Smith and Pepper Factory via Islay Taylor

Messy AND organized? How is this even possible? It's like one of those Escher drawings because of the contradiction.

Bench Tips - Revere Academy of Jewelry Arts. Really good tips to help you keep your work space organized, as well as lots of pointers on technique. Great article.

#Hora Siertsema #ganoksin project pic, very neat, polished brass catch tray.

JAS the jewelers benches reminds me of the way you look so close at your figures. Maybe steal some ideas? AKS

Jeweler's Bench Book, the: Charles Lewton-Brain: Books

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This jeweler's bench is an awesome workspace for metalwork ~ I aspire to having separate, dedicated, well-stocked workspaces for all the different kinds of craftwork I'm into.

DIY jeweler's bench; My opinion, This is one hellova crafter’s bench. As a jeweler for the first 50 years of my life, I can tell that one cannot set diamonds or do jewelry repair without a benchpin , but, I HAVE TO APPLAUD THIS GIRL for making ONE HELLOVA CRAFTER’S BENCH. Click on the website. a nice idea, and a nice job.