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So I seriously love black hair... I wish I had it... I would rock an affro all the time... every time I see a girl with afro hair I am so jealous!!! Seriously!!!

Wavy bob inspiration- I wish I could be happy wearing my hair like this, I never think it looks good on me, but I love it other women

Ive actually have had this exact haircut twice (picked from a book at the salon) but a longer version because i was too chicken... hmmm maybe i should go for it this time? Ofelia Tadeo Perez Duran

This might be my new haircut. Don't hold me to it, but I want to go very short while keeping it long in front. You know, business in the back, party in the front...

I love this style and length...I'm wondering if I should do this since I'm at this stage of growing out my pixie.

Give yourself a crown. | 20 Ways To Take Your Short Hair To The Next Level

Pretty much what my roots to the mid part of my hair looks like, can't wait for it to be all this color!!!

This tousled bob is a great example of the evolution of short hair if you're growing out a pixie cut

PIXIE • When it comes to haircuts I'd like to sport if I could live full-time as a woman, I have no middle ground: it would be either luscious, long, wavy hair *or* a pixie!

her hair cut is so cute!! it's really not good for me to see things like this the week i'm getting my hair cut. going to try and stay strong! growing my hair out, god damnit!