Cute! Josh turner and kids

Mom, Dad & Babyy

Awesome superhero family photo shoot… Now this is my idea of dressing as a super hero..... No tights involved, yes!

Wedding day pictures with mom and dad! If only my parents could get that close to each other...

love you dad)))

6 month idea - kissing in the background

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First Look for mom AND dad. I'm doing this, if nothing else, I'm doing this.

Dad & Bride Photo Idea

With xander and daddy

Super cute Father's Day picture frame idea; he can take it to the office and you can update the photo every once in a while so he always has a current photo with him!

I have loved this since I first saw to find an adorable family with 3 or more kids to try it with!

Circus theme first birthday shoot

Very cool idea

I never understood the toe/ring picture. But this I get. "I have my finger wrapped around mom and dad" -Candace


I want a picture like this with my parents! Photography by #beachweddingfun

Focus on kids. Parents in background. | I adore this picture! | Family portrait | Photo idea | Photography

Great pic of my husband and our 3 kids.

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