Africa | Ndebele women, Pilgrims Rest | © Shelley Christians

freakin awesome ndebele studded neckwear and hat. #south #african #woman

Africa | "Ndebele Smile" | ©Ben McRae

South Africa


Africa | Hamar Women, Ethiopia | Postcard image from the work of Carol Beckwith and Angela Fisher in a study of the women of the Horn of Africa, Ethiopia and the surrounding countries.

Africa | Jie girl. The Jie people live also in southern Sudan, a bit more to the West than the Toposa, with whom they compete for grazing grounds and women. Photo credit Geert Henau

South Africa – GUGU International

Rich beyond money

Bambara Woman, Mali

Desert Dreamer, Johannesburg South Africa

African culture

woman from Senegal

Nyangatom necklaces Ethiopia by Eric Lafforgue

Africa | Portrait of an Ndebele Woman. The Ndebele people are located in South Africa and Zimbabwe.

Africa | Peul/Fulani woman | Photographer


Zulu woman, South Africa

✭ Africa - Samburu Tribesman, Kenya. Cultures are amazing.

Africa | Turkana tribe beauty with big necklace - Kenya