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Great strategy! Use this to challenge 4th graders or for 5th and up.

Math Anchor Chart-Fractions on a Number Line

Top 10 books that teach fractions to kids

Fraction "war" cards...great game for reinforcing skills.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Linear Equations Flippables

Could do something similar for integrated science and defining the variables for power, velocity etc.

Transformations Chart for my classroom - translations, reflections, rotations.

Geometry Vocabulary reference sheet. Great for math notebook

Fraction Butterfly Mini Anchor Chart FREEBIE - cross multiply to compare fractions, find equivalent fractions with a common denominator, and add & subtract fractions with different denominators.

Butterfly Fractions. Another way how to learn how to add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators.

from Funky Fractions For Fifth Grade

Anchor Charts