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  • Girlwithtea

    Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air. This one is the Teahouse Tetsu. Tree houses should always have a bit of transportive magic to them, the sense you are escaping to another world, and nothing conjures that feeling of fantasy like this tea house built on the grounds of the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, in Japan. (Tree Houses: Fairy Tale Castles in the Air)

  • Ali Navarro

    Tree Houses. Fairy Tale Castles in the Air. This is what I've always dreamed of...

  • Kristin N

    Treehouse Built For Enjoying Cherry Blossoms: Japanese architect Terunobu Fujimori, who previously created a ‘flying mud boat’ house and a quirky English tea house, has built a charming fairytale-like treehouse in Hokuto, Japan, that is perfect for viewing cherry blossoms. Constructed for the Kiyoharu Shirakaba Museum, the structure is surrounded by cherry blossom trees. The unique lodging balances on a single cypress trunk that is sturdy enough to withstand stormy weather and earthquakes.

  • Envision Journalism

    . cherry blossom tree house in japan .

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Given the crazy people that live in fantasy worlds (and our own), would it be a stretch of the imagination to come across someone living in a house like this?

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except for the porch underneath the deck - all thumbs up. looks really truly live-able, no? Thx to friendy what sent.

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