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Sideless surcoat pattern


Norse woman's underdress from http://www.holyort.net/projects/patterns/underdress/underdress.html


Veil Instructions by ~eqos on deviantART

GREAT site for DIY medieval and renaissance costuming (even the patterns are DIY!) -Aww, someone liked my site!

Pattern for woman's early 13th century sideless surcoat (pellote), based on an extant piece.

shoe pattern

bonnet patterns

Chemise & Undie patterns from 1913

"hood from Cynthia Virtue" This one gives dimensions for a hood in two lengths - but I'll still want to measure for myself. I think I'd rather make a version with gores.

Fancy kirtle pattern. Super easy, and one could leave out the side gores and have slits on both sides for a sexier version.


simple sideless surcote cutting layout. Been wanting one. Have fabric, will travel. Soon as I get time away from projects for everyone else.

Do you want to make yourself some Viking garments. Here you can find lots of templates for sewing. http://www.vikingsonline.org.uk/resources/authenticity/basickit/index.htm

Burda 7977 pattern. The seam lines are not bad for a bigginer seamstress. Making your own pattern would be better, but this will work for those who have used modern patterns and are used to them.

Coni Signature Pattern V5107 : A splendid pattern with Connie's pattern making book.

medieval clothing patterns - Google Search

Nuts and Bolts: Cloaks

Finnish Viking... I have made MANY of these. They are almost 100% fabric-efficient and use only about 2 yards of fabric for most "average" sizes. LOVES!

Pattern of Russian male tunic