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Appareled Alb / Vestments of St. Thomas à Becket, Treasury of Sens Cathedral (12th Century)

11-12 в. Appareled Alb Vestments of St. Thomas Becket, Treasury of Sens Cathedral

12th Century alb, diocesan museum in Viterbo, Italy.

11-12 в. Appareled Alb Vestments of St. Thomas Becket, Treasury of Sens Cathedral

The Reconstructed head of a 5,500 year old man found a mile from Stonehenge in Wiltshire, UK. It is the most advanced reconstruction of a Neolithic man's face to date. 20-40 years of age, slender build, born about 5,500 years ago about 500 years before the circular ditch and banks at Stonehenge were built

Slap-soled shoes belonging to FRANCES WALSINGHAM, lady in waiting to Elizabeth I, and daughter of her spymaster, Francis Walsingham. Though the shoes belong to a Canadian collector, they are considered so important to British history that they have to be returned to England

British Actor-manager Sir John Martin Harvey (1863-1944) was one of the last great romantic actors of the English theatre. His most famous play was The Only Way (1899), an adaptation of Charles Dickens' A Tale of Two Cities. 25 years later, he also featured in the film version, as well as in a few other silent and sound films.

The Black Prince, Canterbury cathedral, 14th Century sculpture

Wedding day photograph of Abraham and Mary Lincoln, taken November 4, 1842 in Springfield, Illinois after three years of a stormy courtship and a broken engagement. Their love had endured.

The so-called “Dalmatic of Charlemagne”. Eleventh century. Gift of the Patriarch of Constantinople, Isidore of Kiev (1439) to Pope Eugene IV (1431-1447) The only medieval liturgical vestment kept in the Treasury of St Peter’s is this dalmatic. It is a masterpiece of the art of embroidery practiced in Constantinople during the eleventh century. It is not known how the legend grew that it was worn by Charlemagne for his coronation as Emperor in 800 AD...

Painted Linen! 12th century, German, Linen

Sideless Surcoat of Lenora Aragon early 1300's "Pellote of Leonora de Castille"

The Galgano Sword in the Stone inside the Montesiepi Chapel by Adrian Michael. This is the actual sword in stone, now kept under glass and lock and key. The sword has been verified as an authentic 12th century sword. Galgano was beatified four years after his death.

Clothing status symbols in portraits, 16th century

Female Hero: Eleanor of Aquitaine (Women in World History Curriculum)

Facial reconstruction of 14th century knight

Margaret Holland LG (1385 – 31 Dec 1439) wife of John Beaufort, 1st Earl of Somerset, grandson of Edward III, King of England. Buried in St Michael's Chapel in Canterbury Cathedral, Kent in an unusual triple tomb with her 1st and 2nd husband, Thomas of Lancaster, 1st Duke of Clarence, son of Henry IV, King of England.

Cloak of St. Clare of Assisi - Assisi, Italy - 13th century

Early colour photo 1910s

Leather boot, 13th century, Linköping Castle and Cathedral Museum

Amazing 12th cent Italian