Kind of ugly and pretty at the same time :)

Floral Skull Print

HUMMINGBIRD watercolour design

Giraffe tattoo idea. I really like this one. It would look good on the back of a calve.


Illustrations by Babeth Lafon › Inspiration Now

Ryan Frease- another very retro design i love the lithograph feel of this piece- reminds me of andy warhol art style. the colors really work well together to create a fun piece of art. and i love the message- create or die

Painting by Paul Juno

carved skull

mermaid Learn to paint with us! With our step by step pattern based designs, anyone can become a Master Decorative Artist.

Electro Laser Rainbow Skull by thirdeyeimages

stephan balleux

i love gabby's work. this would be a great tat. Gabby Zapata. Like the tail curvature

Minjae Lee -



Norman Duenas, this print is so gorgeous!

Digital watercolor