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Every time I see something like this I think of my cousin Alex. Floral Skull Print 11x14

Ryan Frease- another very retro design i love the lithograph feel of this piece- reminds me of andy warhol art style. the colors really work well together to create a fun piece of art. and i love the message- create or die

Unless I badly miss my guess this is the carved skull of a cow which is sacred to the Hindu faith. That would be the elephant headed deity Ganesh in the center.

Electro Laser Rainbow Skull by thirdeyeimages

:) giraffe. I like this design also! of course if i get it as a tattoo, it wouldn't be in color. lol well maybe if I got it on the bottom of my foot!

Sugar skull art. Day of the dead #skulls

i can't decide if this should go on the color board or the art one. i know... both :D

Mega Opticus by Sebastian Feraut, aka Niark1

Digital art selected for the Daily Inspiration #1154

I've been told I'm a hummingbird. Always either perfectly still and quiet, or flying a mile a minute. Heart always beating so fast.