Obey Giant - Andre

Business Man (Sebastian Govino).

The first and third are cliche but the second is good. This is not particularly an interesting concept to me, but it's ok. dan mountford, double exposure portraits

Obey Giant

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Geometric type of shape- this apple core in the form of geometrical shapes is a unique way to view shape.

Les excellentes illustrations digitales de Romain Trystram. Particulièrement fan de la série sur les "skyscrapers" et celles dédiées aux sneakers. Du lourd.


Obey Giant

DUST & ECHO ( Fides in Stelis / Virtus in Numeris ) on Behance

Textured Illustrations by Florian Nicolle aka Neo | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

another artwork that should be by the yard. Fantastic. Psychedelic Romanesque 2 by *Artwyrd

Obey Giant

Nike wallpaper

Amazing Street art

Tags, lettering by Jorge Canicura, via Behance

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Amazing Illustrations by Romain Trystram | Inspiration Grid | Design Inspiration

Maki Hino

The colors, drips, shading & tree = happy.