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Sami children at Ellis Island, USA


Ellis Island: Tracing Your Family History Through America's Gateway

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With more than thirty images, this book includes an overview of the history of immigration and how to find out if an ancestor came through Ellis Island. For these sixteen million immigrants and their

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Casey Creek
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Creek Columbia
Columbia River Gorge
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Withers Reminds

Woods of Casey Creek by Scott Withers

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Ellis Island Immagrants
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Augustus Sherman

Identified as 'Wilhelm Schleich, a miner from Hohenpeissenberg, Bavaria' in Peter Mesenholler 'Augustus F. Sherman: Ellis Island Portraits 1905-1920' (c1905) p.28.


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Amber Alliance Dress (2C) adorable I want a daughter so beautiful

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Muktinath, Nepal

from Washington Post

What America’s immigrants looked like when they arrived on Ellis Island

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Slovakian women. Portraits from Ellis Island, Augustus Sherman.

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Backlit Photography 101: Secrets of Expressive Backlit Portraits

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child,reflection,window,girl,photography,portrait-5a0ffc6aaf00f2db9866d5477482eda5_h | Flickr - Photo Sharing!

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Laos children #world #cultures