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    forgiveness isn't easy

    Some Women and the internal bs they allow to happen. Always believe in what is real. Dont give up. I never have and that feeling surpasses the bs.

    You only started saying "sorry" AFTER you got caught, which is the same reason why your "apology" is basically worthless.



    This will make you feel better

    At some point you have to accept that the actions tell the truth.

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    There are no mistake that can't be forgiven. You have to fess up, make up and move forward.


    I believe this to be true

    Apologies don't mean anything if you keep doing what you're sorry for.


    It is hard to let people go who you thought were there for you. But in the end it is the best thing for you.

    So true!

    Aint that the truth........the hardest thing is to turn around and walk away, pretending you dont love em.....):

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    It just doesn't work anymore, the best I can do is a couple moments of happiness and then feel the emotional weight as it brings me back down.