prefix and suffix!!

Suffixes Posters and visual cards - perfect for introducing prefixes and suffixes

Grammar - Flip Book ( Good and well, I and me, Articles, Synonyms and Antonyms, Prefixes and Suffixes, Homographs and Homophones, Nouns, Singular and Plural Possessive Nouns, Pronouns, Adverbs, Verbs, Adjectives, Troublesome Words)

I wish everyone knew these.

Prefixes and Suffixes Cheat Sheet. This will be good for my ESOL students.

learning new things: Gotta love a prefix and suffix!!

List of Common Suffixes

prefixes and suffixes


Cupcake Contraction Sort

Teaching suffixes CLEVER idea!

Dr. Suess Lost in Whoville A Game of Prefixes and Suffixes

Interactive Student Notebook - for Language Arts - Good fluency foldable, prefix/suffix maps, etc

prefixes and suffixes

Prefix pockets

Great idea for prefixes and suffixes!

A website with several Guided Reading Lesson Plan sets for 3rd grade level chapter books. Also posted on "Razzle Dazzle Reading"

Prefix and Suffix Multiple Choice Worksheet

Two filing cabinets back to back with fabric to cover. Magnet board!!!

Get your groups in shape with the GROUPS poster and bulletin board set.