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  • Anna Little

    SNAP game, take 5 connecting cubes or unifix cubes or 5 pennies if you will-- we are practicing facts 0-5, so that's what we use. Partners sit across from each other. Partner 1 takes the cube train and puts it behind their back. They say "1--2--3--SNAP!" and (still behind their back) break the cube train into 2 pieces. They scoop one hand around and show their partner. The partner says the math fact to tell the "hiding" number behind their partner's back.

  • Amber Freshour

    Great math game for working on math fact fluency. Scroll down to number 3 to read the description.

  • Malia {Playdough to Plato}

    I can't wait to try this fun partner game teaching kids facts 0-5. {Mrs. Joness Kindergarten}

  • Amy

    SNAP Addition Game - Playing in pairs, one student builds a Unifix cube train of 5 cubes and hides it behind his/her back. The student then breaks the cube train into 2 pieces ("1--2--3--SNAP!"), and shows his/her partner one hand. The other student states the math fact to tell the "hiding" number behind his/her partner's back. The partner uncovers his/her hiding cubes and they switch roles.

  • Kat @ Seashells and Swings

    Mrs. Jones's Kindergarten: SNAP game to gain 0-5 fact fluency

  • Rachel Rolfs

    Snap game! Fun and easy way to build fact fluency. (addition facts, RtI)

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