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Four simple tips to help your form when running. Don't think that just running will improve your body, make sure to do it right!

What Is Your Running Technique Infographic

Shorter Warm Up Results In Significantly Less Muscle Fatigue

Incorrect running technique places unwanted stress upon your body, slows you down and increases your chances of an injury. The body is a collection o

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Proper form in running includes correct posture. See this great info graphic on all the different pieces that make up proper running form.

Running tips

10 Ways to Beat Boredom While Running- another pinned said: "surprised that the most challenging part of being a runner for me wasn't breathing, leg pain, getting tired, etc., but rather getting bored on the long runs. These are good tips!

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Running Tips: Don’t fight it from the start. Starting running or training for a marathon? Tips and help: Get more running tips and training advice

Single Working Mom and Other Stories...: Couch to 10K

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