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Amen! This is me... Some people don't Understand the passion or reasons I'm a gym rat.... Yet I dont question their lifestyles. Let it be. Is what it is. Health is my priority.

Eliminating negativity helps usher in a more positive lifestyle. Don’t tolerate these toxic people or habits into your life so that you can continue to...


My Goal is to build a Life I don't need a Vacation from

Some #people aren't really all they #post to be #letsgetwordy


The Bible

Leo - I've been wanting to get "In Love With Love" tattooed on me forever now!

Hubby and sis


God is all I will EVER need. It doesn't matter if people don't like me, I'm not here to make people like me, but to praise God through everything.

hmm reminds me of my sister in law

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I don't open up easily to everyone. I am very friendly but only a few get to know me on certain levels, like coming to my home. Very few people get that opportunity.

Fun facts about your sign here

Yep, that's me!!!

Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love. Best Collection of Love and Relationship Quotes

I make clear what is expected and I don't ask for much, just this. Don't disrespect me and we'll be fine. Disrespect me and we will no longer be.

And most people don't even know when they are being disrespectful anymore. There used to be consideration, kindnesss, and inner filters. Not so much these days...

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