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Amen so true that is what culture says and yes that is what god says!!!!!

Are you Bored?

Are you Bored?

If you're not Barefoot then you're Overdressed Leigh Bratina (how appropriate that I find this right now)


Should be framed in homes everywhere. ♥

Soul mates together forever!

*Good advice...* A Dog's Purpose & the Meaning of Life....


Kindness is coming for you

I love the look on this dogs face! :)

Yep. Pretty much.

I have 2 dogs and 2 cats...3 of the 4 feel this way...

bwahahahahaha Monty Python

Cracking up!


yup makes sense to me

unicorn butt scoot.


so true...

hahahahaha when pooping didn't interrupt your life...

Stop the Cupidity....for Cory Johnson. I am pretty sure it is her who detests Valentine's day..

Just Dave Grohl

This kid must have talked to my Mamaw...that was her answer every time I didn't feel good.