Nature is a great sculptress

Mother Nature...I see what you did there..

A dancing tree..... wow

Is nature cool, or what?

Tree Angel

Tree Cat - amazing what nature is capable of

17 Astonishing Photos That You must See, Mother Nature, Portugal

mother nature

Amazing Tree | Most Beautiful Pages

beautiful coconut tree ~ nature's grand sense of twisted humor!

Magnificent Nature ~ The Moon

Unique Tree

Weird tree

The Baobab Tree can store up to 32,000 gallons of water in its trunk. #Baobab_Tree

^Passage through a tree.

Full Moon on the Lake - Gorgeous !

Beautiful Nature

Notice the three people in the photo, one at the base and two climbing... Named The President, it's 3500 years old and the third largest tree on earth.

Tree Skeleton Reflection by David Pringle. "The original photograph of the tree skeleton was taken on a foggy morning in Northumberland. The image has been enhanced using a Flood effect filter to create the reflection."

owl tree ~ Tree of Wisdom..

old tree