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Rene Beauclair 1900 - The Textile Blog Reminds me of the Liberty of London lawns.....

Art Deco ladies & panther ~ Frederick Little Packer (1886-1956) -- 1951 Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist for the New York Mirror & superb illustrator. For a short time he did fantastic illustrations for ads, primarily Mavis perfume.

This tiles are perfect for house beautification's.

Art Nouveau > this bit shows the more cluttered end of Nouveau style.

Santa Clara family mausoleum art nouveau stained glass by Piemouth on Flickr

Art Nouveau Tile Wallpaper, texturecrazy/cathairstudios

Barcelona - Aribau 106 f by Arnim Schulz,

Art Nouveau Tile ~it's a small world. We just had a client send us this pattern asking if we could use this design as inspiration for her custom tile!

From The Art Nouveau Blog: Art Nouveau Peacock. Beautiful sweeping tail and unusual colours.

DIY with glass and Krylon Looking Glass spray paint? - i bought this spray paint.. what else can we use this for??