Hand tattoo puppets...

Monster's for your kids to color - I love that they can add their own eyes

Animal hooks - Cutest decor imaginable.

the BEST playdough recipe, hands down. and you make it with JELLO!

Summer Kiddie Car Wash!


DIY Ring Holder. Paige and Madlyn would love this

The Craft Mom: Kids Crafts

monster birthday party

The boys could create a custom roadway!

temporary hand tatoos

Great for kids. Independence at last!

Héctor Serrano's Hand Tattoos from Talking Hands This latest handiwork transforms a child or adult paw into a wide-eye creature or robot (not suitable for kids under 3). Just use water. And they remove just as swiftly. Great for parties or as stocking stuffers. Set of 8 as pictured here in every box.

Fun stuff for kids

I waste so much time

Monsters made from toilet paper tubes.

Blow Painting Monsters


bookmark monsters

Hand & thumb print art ideas

hand tattoos