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  • Jenny Pettenger

    Find patterned wrapping paper or scrapbook paper to help your kids with estimation I purposefully picked papers that had patterns that were complicated so the kids couldnt count the figures one-by-one. I hang these up was posters with signs that say "How many ________ can you see?" The goal is for them to come up with some estimation strategies instead of counting the objects individually.

  • Breanna

    A good idea for estimation! :)

  • Kelly Mogk

    Estimation idea using patterned wrapping paper... love the idea of encouraging students to use area and multiplication to estimate #dailymath

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Estimating-Fun activity, could start at 3, still great as KD or 1st grade for practice in estimating. Write your guess, then open and count, write your count beside the estimate. FUN, different, and good. MamaPat

Estimation Station. Could create a measuring station, a fraction station etc. and have math type stations during a particular week.

so cute! once we do estimating i want to do one a week, and pick a weekly winner. totally love the bulletin board border around the paper too

Estimation Station - Students estimate number of items in jar every Friday - New student takes it home to refill jar. There are so many math activities to do with this! Love it!

Scaffold students' understanding of estimation and build number sense. Students use the container with 10 and 100 to compare the "mystery number" container in the middle.

Estimating number sense activity...Like the idea of having 2 'known' jars and one 'guess' jar. Great idea!

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Cute idea for many Fruit Loops to fill in your fill out the paper at the bottom