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Sleepy little bunny waking up. logo design on etsy:

Rabbits value the company of their own species

baby squirrel. So So cute. Please check out my website thanks.

My bun is pregnant and all she wants to is sleep... very cutely.

If u don't think that this is cute then u probably need to go the doctor

Arctic Seal by BlueBunny1024 - via Pepe's photo on Google+

I hear you, Baby sloth, I'm tired, too...

cuteness of arctic seal having siesta! ; ) (so sound asleep, so innocent, let's not as humans melt his ice & destroy his/her god damn cuteness : )

Bunny. Do not give bunny as Easter gift. Please do lots of homework about rabbits before adopting one. They chew constantly, are not easy to house train, may not like to be held, shed constantly and can scratch you. Many end up euthanized or in shelters after Easter. They are super cute, I know.