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    beautoful tarot art

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    One Questions Tarot Reading of 6 tarot cards by Kleopatrisija, $2.00

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    I provide Intuitive Spiritual Guided Readings by phone or in person. $40.00 for a 1 hour reading.

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    los enamorados una de las cartas más importantes y que tanto tiene que con el tarot de los enamorados. Gracias a esta carta podemos saber si una relación está por el buen camino y todo lo que le espera. El amor lo que mueve el mundo y lo que nos hace mejores personas. El tarot del amor te ofrece eso. Pruébalo aquí

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    We have most Accurate Psychics of NJ America to listen you and give you best perceptions about your life, through tarot card reading, horoscope and numerology

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    Angel Card Reading; Accurate Tarot Prediction

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A.CHAMPION. Signed watercolour on paper, 19th Century

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Fortune Teller.

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When the Moon is Waning, go outside and open your arms. Call upon the Lady of the Moon and open arms to Her. Silently communicate your problems and what has been going on with you. When you can think of nothing else to tell the Moon, say the chant: Go inside and straight to bed. When you awake the next morning, know that your troubles will cease and new hope will abound as the Old Moon disappears in the sky.

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Beautiful ironwood runes


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Antics of Yore: Archive what about astrology and 12/21/12? Any connections, anyone?

Rune stones

Oracle bones – Pieces of cattle bone or turtle plastron (underside of turtle shell) that bear the written results of divinatory practices during the Shang dynasty.

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Sangoma fortune telling bones. Photo credit: Horst Klemm

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