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Be hungry to learn for fulfillment of the Word of God as a "meal" that feeds the soul & teaches you to be the Light in glory with God.Study the truth of the Word of Yahweh God & find the path back to MOVE to magnify the Power of God in your life again. www.magnificatmea...

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.....and I have always wondered why the word Trinity cannot be found in the Bible! If it is one of the core teachings of Christianity why was it never mentioned in the scriptures? I have never had anyone be able to explain that...and since God is a God of order and not disorder and a God of love, it only stands to reason that it would be mentioned through out the Bible...yet it is not...not even once.

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True, Jehovahs Witness's are totally unique like this, right throughout the world they have this love and all believe the same thing...Gods Word.

Jehovah has provided all the answers in His word the Bible. to find where to look for specific questions...

You do not have to fall victim to Satan's attacks. Read God's Word the Bible daily.

"Your word I have hidden in my heart, That I might not sin against You." ~ Psalm 119:11

Many religions teach that God's name is “God” or “Lord,” but those are not personal names. They are titles, just as “king” and “president” are titles. In the Bible, God has many descriptive titles, such as God Almighty, Sovereign Lord, Father, Most High, and Creator, but he also recorded in his Word his personal name, Jehovah.