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    DevilAnse Hatfield. Of the Hatfields and McCoys

    The Hatfield Family of the famous Hatfield-McCoy Feud

    Hatfield-McCoy Grave

    Devil Anse Hatfield and wife

    Nancy McCoy Hatfield Phillips

    Only confirmed photograph of Billy the Kid-maybe due to the times. He killed his first man at 12 for making fun of him. Killed several more before being killed himself at about 19 years old.

    Photograph of Comanche, reportedly he only survivor of the Battle of Little Big Horn. Comanche's body is fully preserved and can be viewed today at the University of Kansas Natural History Museum.

    Hatfield children (left) and McCoy children (right) playing Tug-of-War at the Matewan School

    Hark Hatfield and his wife Ollie McCoy.

    Joe D. Hatfield holds up the shirt worn by his uncle Ellison on the day he was killed by three McCoys. There are 26 knife holes in it. The three McCoys were killed the same day; one of them, Little Randall, 15, was told to beg for his life but replied, "Go to hell," and was shot.

    hatfield and mccoy family tree | Smith Hatfield was Devil Anse Hatfield's brother. Louisa was his ...

    A fascinating story about 5 West Virginia children who mysteriously vanished on Christmas Eve, 1945. This is truly crazy! Worth the read

    Original Picture of Pocahontas | This famous Sedgeford portrait of Pocahontas and her son, Thomas Rolfe ...

    Hatfield and McCoy feud--Hatfield home during "Devil Anse" funeral.

    In 1916 a circus elephant, nicknamed Murderous Mary, was hanged in East Tennessee for killing assistant elephant trainer Red Eldridge

    Hatfield and McCoy feud--Hatfield Landmark

    Hatfield and McCoy feud--"Devil Anse," with brothers Ellison and Smith Hatfield

    Appalachian Hunter...notice the horse shoe above the door. An old Appalachian tradition for good luck. My great-grandparents did this.

    Hatfield and McCoy feud--Willis Hatfield--last living son of "Devil Anse" at 82 years old. May 12, 1970

    The Holocaust’s Most Vicious Killers During the Holocaust, one group of killers stood out as more vicious, murderous, and bloodthirsty than all others. The Ustasha of Yugoslavia was a Muslim-Catholic alliance of Nazi killers so beastly that even Nazi officials in Berlin were horrified.

    Lewis Wickes Hine, A young mine worker: Turkey Knob Coal Mine, Macdonald, West Virginia, 1908