Fake Fiberglass Rock - to cover escape hatch for shelter Or to use in waterfalls or ponds?

You'd never guess what this boulder really is! It's a hidden hatch to a crazy underground shelter in a boulder! Crazy awesome idea!

Fake Boulders- how to make rocks

Fake Boulders- how to make rocks

Geocache Hide Fence Pole - had a gentlement show us his hide one time (we were way lost) and OMG we would have never have found it on our own

Image Detail for - underground Rainwater Harvesting Cisterns | Rain Season Site

Building a solar panel heater out of aluminum cans

Not only can you build shelters with this on trailers, but stand alone shelters also!

Boulder hatch- Atlas survival shelters. Luxurious and around 10k per person. THEY ARE AWESOME CHECK THIS OUT....

AMK SOL Escape Bivvy - Olive Drab - Breathable Emergency Survival Shelter #shelter #survive #bodyheat

Survive-a-storm shelters

This guy built a 'secret' bomb shelter under his crawl space and left step-by-steps how to do it. Wow!

fallout22 underground shelter for 40 grand, comes complete with bathroom, livingroom, extra bunk beds, solar panels, ventilation and concealed escape hatch.

Underground survival shelter

storm shelter

tree-pit shelter

Underground Shelters

Build a Modern - and Non Smelly - Outhouse for your Back Yard. Nice for when the water and or power fails....

40 ft underground hunters den...wouldn't THIS make a nice emergency storm shelter? Made out of a shipping container... INTENSE

Adventure Medical Survive Outdoors Longer® Escape™ Bivvy, Orange

Shipping Container Bunker how to