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Intensive Rotational Grazing - YouTube - very interesting and he explains pasture rotation better than I have seen so far.

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Hobby Farm Tax Deductions

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Butchering Chickens: Tips from the Trenches

It may not be the BEST farm task, but when it needs to be done, these tips will come in handy.

Rotational grazing is another way to help let the grass recover. By moving the cattle from pasture to pasture over a certain period of time will help the grass grow. It can be time consuming and labor intensive but in the end it will mostly pay for itself.

Pasture rotation: The pastures, fields, etc can be easily adjusted in size and configuration to suit the land - the important part is how everything works together. For example, the pigs can be allowed in the grain area after harvesting to glean & fertilize the field, and can also easily be allowed in the woodlot part of the year. The entire property has basic welded-wire fencing around - so the orchard/yard/pond area can be for waterfowl and supplementary pasture for the smaller livestock…

Here you will find an in-depth guide that will outline all of the main considerations in a homestead design. A homestead usually covers a few acres of land, combining small-scale farming and growing for self-sufficiency. This guide is aimed at making the homestead layout as efficient and productive as possible so it's an ideal introduction for anyone wanting to adopt a homesteading life.

Excellently compiled list of videos and documentaries on gardening, permaculture, healthy eating, GMO's & Monsanto, sustainable vs. industrial farming, and gardens around the world.

for those who can't free range their chickens... I also just read about a neat idea where there are basically 4 runs surrounding the coop so you can rotate your chicken through those areas giving the old ones time to rejuvenate. I like the idea of sowing something other than grass to peck at and trample.