Intensive Rotational Grazing - YouTube - very interesting and he explains pasture rotation better than I have seen so far.

rotational grazing

Build a $300 underground greenhouse for year-round gardening (Video), underground green house, cool.

$300 underground greenhouse grows produce year-round, even in severe climates | thesurvivalplaceblog

The science of stacking fire wood. Arrange for proper air flow and drainage when stacking firewood. A peaked roof of overlapping splits, shingles, tarp, or plastic will do the job nicely.

Rotational grazing

Pasture rotation: The pastures, fields, etc can be easily adjusted in size and configuration to suit the land - the important part is how everything works together. For example, the pigs can be allowed in the grain area after harvesting to glean & fertilize the field, and can also easily be allowed in the woodlot part of the year. The entire property has basic welded-wire fencing around - so the orchard/yard/pond area can be for waterfowl and supplementary pasture for the smaller livestock. ...

Winterizing the Barn & Chicken House - Winter is approaching. I'm not ready yet. Are you? Here are tips for preparing your barn and chicken house for the long, cold winter. Plus, special considerations for goats, chickens, ducks and rabbits.| The 104 Homestead

How to Grow Chickens Without Buying Grain – by Only Feeding Them Compost

Green feeds for Feeding the Flock from the Homestead's Own Resources - Both comfrey and stinging nettle can be dried and fed as “hay.” My experiments with both have been challenging thus far—they are much more fragile than a grass hay. My next attempts with both will feature thorough drying, then stuffing into large burlap bags, in which the shattering into leaf meal will not be a problem. I will experiment with feeding straight, and with adding to ground feeds.

I like this waterer. Even if a tube fails, the others still have water in them.

Basic farm animal husbandry skills - animal restraint, wound care, hoof care, admin. of medications, taking vital signs.....

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rabbit hutch worm farm

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4 Backyard Farms for Self-Sufficiency. I like this plan, I have more land to work with so I could expand each area or keep some in woods for heating.

....good to know- flies are not attracted to the feces of animals who eat Diatomaceous earth- therefore feed it to your chickens (& other farm animals)& sprinkle around the feeders .....