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    Intensive Rotational Grazing - YouTube - very interesting and he explains pasture rotation better than I have seen so far.

    rotational grazing

    Pasture rotation: The pastures, fields, etc can be easily adjusted in size and configuration to suit the land - the important part is how everything works together. For example, the pigs can be allowed in the grain area after harvesting to glean & fertilize the field, and can also easily be allowed in the woodlot part of the year. The entire property has basic welded-wire fencing around - so the orchard/yard/pond area can be for waterfowl and supplementary pasture for the smaller livestock. ...

    $300 underground greenhouse grows produce year-round, even in severe climates | thesurvivalplaceblog

    The science of stacking fire wood. Arrange for proper air flow and drainage when stacking firewood. A peaked roof of overlapping splits, shingles, tarp, or plastic will do the job nicely.

    This implies about 3-4 pastures are necessary for pasture rotation. This would be possible, but expensive. Worth it? Grazing Management Infographic

    Awesome purple "Daisy" chicken coop with run. Notice the Egg Plant sign.

    Raising Pastured Pigs – A Video Series for Beginning Farmers

    Putting the Pigs Out to Pasture - This reminds me of my days growing up on the farm. Good pastured meat is free of antibiotics and higher in Omega-3's than industrial farmed meat.

    raising pigs w/o smell, special notice to the way they do their fencing - i especially like that they used carbiners to attach the fence panel together - easy to move and reuse.

    Raising Rabbits on Pasture

    Predator proofing chicken/duck/goose run- love it. or wrap the wire all the way around the bottom and never have a worry that they can get it!

    2,000 gallon rain barrel Better looking, safer for households with small children

    Perfect plan for permaculture....The Pizza Farm, crop and pasture rotation system.

    chicken poop tray but better

    This website has great ideas for integrating greenhouses, chicken coops, and more. Cool ideas to consider. Solviva - Sustainable Solar-Dynamic Bio-Benign Design: Offering Better Ways to Live, at Less Cost Today and Tomorrow, Anywhere on Earth

    How To Build A Fodder System For Chickens, Rabbits Or Other Animals

    Chicken Coop Garden. A system for easily rotating chicken yard and garden areas while keeping the coop in one place.

    Aquaponics system in a backyard swimming pool capable of feeding a family with fish, eggs, veggies and fruit year-round. ((Interesting ideas))