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Mycroft Holmes

The Toast: How to Submit Work to Us in the Most Pleasing Manner

That is the most ridiculous rumour I've ever heard.

That is the most ridiculous rumour I've ever heard: I once read somewhere that Martin was in fact a human and not a hedgehog. Bloody stupid rumor that was.

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Sherlock, Irene Adler, Jim Moriarty, Annual Meeting of the 'I Faked My Own Death Club'

High functioning sociopath, with your number :D #Sherlock # ...

"High functioning sociopath, with your number." quote from The Sign of Three (love the lunatic smile.

We got a couple more for ya! Of COURSE some of them are weird, but I think our other ones gave you a good dose. But here they are. ( *whispers* they're beautiful....)

17 MORE Wholock Gifs That We're Glad Exist

(gif) The Sherlock fandom strikes again. Fandom level: beyond the point of no return


John: Sherlock, what's wrong with our flat? Sherlock: oh, I was bored so I tried another experiment and.this just sort of happened.

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BBC Sherlock Holmes John Watson

John had bad days. I want Stan Lee to make a Sherlock bad days! seen 'bad days' look them up! so funny!(basically superheros have bad days too!

"I came here to have a good time and I'm honestly so offended right now"

"You're a drama queen!"<---- Sherlock's face is the best "I am not! Oh, well, maybe." Sherlock the drama queen.

Sherlock = Archie

[GIF] Sign of Three Spoilers. Archie is what Sherlock should have been. <<< Hello waiter, I did not order feels this early in the morning.--well it's night, but still How fucking dare you? Unprovoked sucker punch right in the feels.