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Someone should be fired for this photoshop job...! Seriously? I have seen thin, but her upper thigh is missing.

Idk why but this it's the funniest thing

The right way to store your cables

I laughed a little to hard at this...

Saw this on a door at work. - Imgur "THIS DOOR IS ALARMED" "THE WINDOW IS STARTLED" "And the Floor is somewhat Taken Aback!"

I'm slap happy or drunk because this shit is funny. I feel you on the guac, man.

Funny Pictures Of The Day shared by Dr. Gregory R. Bowen

His face at the end just screams "how can you eat so much food woman?"

I laughed a little too hard at this

Les Inceptionables...

When it showed you how to retweet for justice. #emnpctnprclmtn | 17 Times Tumblr Explained A Thing Better Than School