bead embroidered collar

Dark Chocolate Ammonite Fossil Bead Embroidered by 4uidzne, $130.00

Twin Bead silver necklace

Kista @ Kista nokisemised

bead embroidery bracelet design

bead embroidered


Bead Embroidery Necklace Collar Turquoise Bronze Peach Handmade Bead Embroidered OOAK via Etsy


Unique bead embroidered pendant "Magic Dreams" with Seraphinite cabochons, natural shell pearl beads, Aventurine bead and Japanese seed beads.

Bead embroidery

.At first, I thought this was macrame, but I believe it's bead embroidery.

These need a bead on the end, but I want them!

Turquoise and gold bead embroidered collar with fringe - Guzel Bakeeva Designs

Relax Bracelet Bead Embroidery Art with by JewelryElenNoel

Callais Bead Embroidered Green Turquoise Cuff by Kaleidoscope231

The site is ridden with advertisement, but it's worth visiting for the photographed tutorial on how to make this wave pattern macramé bracelet. The pattern calls for 5 cords that are 65cm each. Nothing about the bead size but an 8 or 6 aught would work just fine. One can use other types of beads too. They just have to work with each other in order to create a smooth curve.

Fire & Ice Crystal Slide & Seed Bead Ornament Cover

Vezsuzsi gyöngyei. Beautiful colours! Beaded bracelet with rullas, pyramids and tila beads.

Unique bead embroidered bracelet "Firebird" by Exclusive Ctaft

Ladyphenix is name of two talanted russian beadwork artists mother and daughter Irina and Anastasia Stepanko. They make amazing jewelry in bead embroidery tecnhique.