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  • Ashley Haun

    What the diamond on my engagement ring looks like. Gorgeous!

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Uhhhh there's a few things wrong with this... Example: the person that's supposedly God is texting God. Epic Fail. I want to smack whoever made it.

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Oh how funny.......................and true!!

Keep doing this and thinking I really like that person a lots, and everything she pins and I really want to meet her and I look and I am repinning the pins it just pinned! :)INGGGGGG:)

But, but, but, PINTEREST! <----Exactly. As soon as I try to walk away, someone pins something that catches my eye, haha or I have blogs to write, to read, facebook, games, missed television shows, YouTube online shopping...OMG I can be here all day and then some!!

Pinterest ad I made up using an old ad from the 1950s to encompass what we're all feeling about Pinterest.

@ Kathy Logan You spend way too much time here. Close your browser, step away from the keyboard and go hang out with someone or something real.

I'm thinking I shouldn't be allowed on Pinterest either.

and he's still thinks facebook is cool.

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