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Very sad but amazing all at the same time... I wish all people in this world could be as thoughtful as this man


What respect looks like.

Holocaust survivor saluting the US soldier that liberated him from a concentration camp. This makes me tear up.

If geoengineering continues, we will undoubtedly experience increasingly frequent health-related ailments and irritants, and the quality of life on earth will continue to decline.

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Community Post: Cow Photobombs Horse

Everything about this picture made me laugh.... Yes the photo shopped cow is funny too.

To the little ones who fight hard battles also. <3 - had to keep the above ^ quote on here...this picture almost makes me sweet and brave <3

Some Stories Require No Words...

My friend has this weird laugh that always makes me laugh, and one night she was sleeping over and it was, like, 3 in the morning and my sister was sleeping in the living room and we came into my kitchen (it's by the living room) to get some coffee and she started laughing and we all started laughing because of her laugh and we ended up waking my sister up. Lol

Never fails no matter how much I know he loves me it's always that nervousness of seeing him again .. Maybe he is different . What if he doesn't love me like he used too .. But always always always he is the same wonderful person <3 my best friend <3