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This is a set of I have who has cards for numbers 1-20 using number words, ten frames, dice, base ten, digits. The link comes with a free download of this entire set. According to Marzano's research, this would be a nonlinguistic represeantion game. Each card uses different visuals, including ten frames, tally marks, dice, blocks, and the written numbers. It also would be cooperative learning because students play this game as a class. Listening and seeing everyone's cards.

I love how words (poetry) can be used to help students learn about numbers and mathematics.

subtraction mat - great to use when separate-result unknown problems! The cup gives the students a place to keep what leaves or is taken away.

An awesome and simple little teaching tool over at Teacher Tipster’s Facebook page! (look for “Teacher Tipster” on Facebook if this link doesn’t work; it’s in the recent wall photos)

Wild about Teaching!: Numbers 0-20-FREEBIE!

Freebie!--Hello Everyone--This a little book for your students. They can trace the number words and then color in the ten frame to match. Hope you can ...

This is a great teaching idea! I will use these poems in my math classroom to assist me in teaching subtraction. Since the poems rhym, it will help the information to stick in the student's brains and the likelihood of them understanding this will be greater. I could use this to subtract the number of animals to plants from the lesson.

Great idea for number identification and teaching to count. Ten Frame Puzzle 0-10

good 10 frame reference chart - I can make these with the class and post.

Subtraction Strategy Sort-Students sort subtraction flash cards according to the subtraction strategy used to determine the difference. Strategies included are counting back,using doubles, think addition, and making tens.$