Why teaching subtraction may make more sense this way...

Ten Frames are a great way to help students develop number sense which later helps mental math.

Interactive Education: Base 10 Blocks Subtraction

number sense

Free SmartBoard activities, Number Sense is a game that has the student write or draw a number in 5 different ways.

Teaching Tally Marks. Tell a silly story about the last kid falling and the four friends catching him! Kids manipulate sticks... learn to group... learn to use tally marks.

a neat trick for subtraction with regrouping

Hello Everyone--This is something I put together for my kindergarten classroom. Feel free to print, laminate, and hang in your classroom. All gra...


When you Subtract with a Pirate--Uses the words less, and difference AND gives story problems--cute! :)

Subtraction mat

FREE Penguin Fact Families (addition/subtraction AND multiplication/division)

Pete the Cat's Groovy button 10 frame, 5 frame, and double 10 frame. (FREE)

teaching even/odd numbers


Number Sense Routines {freebies included}

Tray with three sections used for addition with manipulatives

Free!!!! Our Kindergarten state standards have students reading, writing, and representing numbers until 30. I wanted to make a set of numbers to put up on ...

Teaching Math with Art

Number Line Subtraction