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  • Adriana Miranda

    Amethyst Kiss Spiderwort Add a kiss of blue to your beds, borders, and containers. Amethyst Kiss is a brand-new spiderwort that features larger flowers in larger clusters -- with bluer flowers -- than other varieties. Amethyst Kiss blooms from May through fall. During the heat of summer, its bright blue flowers may close up in early afternoon. Spiderwort is a reliable bloomer and easy-care perennial. Name: Amethyst Kiss Tradescantia 'Radtrad' Growing Conditions: Full sun to light shade

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'Sweet Kate' spiderwort is one of the most eye-catching perennials in the garden, thanks to its neon yellow-green leaves and cobalt-blue blossoms. This North American native plant is very adaptable, thriving in shade or sun and wet or dry soils.

Top Rabbit-Resistant Plants: Peony | Peonies are as rabbit-resistant as they are beautiful. These long-lived perennials are tough, too -- as long as you stake up their heavy late springtime flowers to keep them from spilling on the ground after a heavy rain. Name: Paeonia varieties Growing conditions: Full sun and well-drained soil Height: 2-7 feet tall, depending on variety Zones: 3-8, depending on variety

Western Spiderwort drought tolerant perennials

Campanula 'Ringsabell Mulberry Rose' 'Ringsabell Mulberry Rose' starts to flower in late spring. The eye-catching color is a bonus to any garden -- especially cottage gardens. The flowers look like little fairy caps and stand above the green foliage. This campanula doesn't spread like others of its type. Use in beds and borders, of course. And tuck this little beauty into containers, too

Pretty Sedum is an easy-to-grow perennial that turns brick red during the fall. Find 19 more beautiful perennials:

This perennial clematis adds color and texture to vertical spaces and blooms in almost every color.

Creeping Phlox-ground cover-Pink, white, purple, red, and bicolors with darker-colored eyes abound in spring on this perennial groundcover. Perfect for edging sidewalks and walkways, this slow-growing perennial likes full sun and well-drained soil. Creeping phlox won't become a rowdy neighbor to the tulips, daffodils, and other spring bulbs that look charming planted with it

Monkshood (aconitum) for my shade garden--it blooms in the fall and for a long time. It gets pretty tall and is striking. And poisonous:)

These bright clustered bellflowers bloom in shades of blue, purple, and pink. More perennials:

Put sedums on the top of your shopping list if you’re looking for a perennial that requires almost no care:

Hollyhock - Lend old-fashioned charm to your perennial border with hollyhock. Known for its tall spires of colorful blooms, hollyhock is the perfect back-of-the-border plant. Old-fashioned selections can easily grow more than 6 feet tall in a spot with full sun and moist, well-drained soil.