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Getting CLOSE with Math Problem Solving and a Freebie! Friends~Room 331 has been working on solving one and two step word problems. Let me tell you, it has not been easy. I don't know what happens when you mix words and numbers but it sure has my kiddos spinning in circles.


Mind Boggling Math!

Have you heard of Mind Boggling Math? It is a great resource for fast finishers and top math kids. It has higher level problem solving activities.

Word Problems Unit: 72 colored and black and white problem cards. perfect for common core practice.. can be used in math centers and math journals. kindergarten, first and second grade

This can be used in my future middle school or even high school classroom. To this day, I still use a variation of this method to solve math problems, so it can be extremely useful for my students as well.

FREE Geoboard Game~ A new twist on a tried-and-true math activity. Students play in pairs to create perimeter and area according to the card that is pulled. Once both players have followed the directions, another card is pulled to determine the winner. Great cooperative game with shared problem-solving!

Free ~ Very handy for students as they decide which operation to use when solving word problems!

Corkboard Connectionsfrom Corkboard Connections

3 Strategies to Conquer Math Word Problems

Conquer math word problems - A great list of ideas for improving math problem solving for your child!


What's the Question - Tried it Tuesday

Question and Answer board - give students the answer and they have to write a word problem that matches the answer. You can have students do any operation or even 2 step problems. I have my students check each other's questions the next day.

Fun in Room 4Bfrom Fun in Room 4B

Donors Choose Funding...and a Freebie!

CUBES strategy for solving math word problems //did this with my 3rd graders. really helps work out word problems!

Growing Confidence--Helping Students Succeed with Math Facts...check out my post today with some tips regarding math facts, interventions, and helping students BELIEVE they can make progress!

This chart will be of great use for Common Core math when students come to story problems. Great key words!