Chaim Machlev in Berlin, Germany | The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World

DotsToLines - Chaim Machlev, Berlin

Bianka Szlachta

Tattoo artist Brian Woo’s dad wanted him to be a doctor, but instead of textbooks, Woo began to experiment with tattoos at 13. Soon he was apprenticed at Shamrock Social Club in LA, where stars like the Sex Pistols, Tupac, and Johnny Depp have been tattooed and waiting lists can be over a year long. The Doctor describes his technique as fine line black and grey.

The tattoo is a series of dots arranged to resemble multiple layers of a carbon-fiber shell. It was designed by Southport, England tattoo artist Tony Booth, who runs Dabs Tattoo with his wife, Lisa. For andy

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geometric blackwork // AKA

Black pansy in a circle black & white tattoo by Stan Wilczynski at Faux Pas Tattoo Gallery, Moscow

Ondrash in Znojmo, Czech Republic / The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World (via BuzzFeed)

More color party favors!

Alice Carrier in Portland, Oregon | The 13 Coolest Tattoo Artists In The World -- If you want the sort of nature tattoo that looks straight out of a weather-worn vintage textbook, you might want to consider a trip to Portland to see Alice.

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L.A. tattoo artist Dr. Woo creates some of the coolest tattoos we’ve seen in quite a while.

Men's Tattoo... I want it


Tattoo inspiration... #geometric #feather

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This website has a bunch of specially made temporary tattos..I love this colorwheel!

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