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I would love to make some sort of meditation altar in my home. A relaxing place I can go to unwind and meditate.

Dark statues with ample candle light for meditation space

altar. I don't know why I'm pinning this, but there's something about it I love.

someone's gorgeous home altar...I have got to find a place to set one up myself

altar-esque ♥ From moon 2 moon blogger in the UK

Tuck in a potting area here and there in the yard it can double as serving table or play table for the kids

I am against "knicknacks," but... having said that, these are all exceptions. Garage sales, here I come.

bomehiam altar with garlands and frames

A lovely balance of sacred objects, placed with care create a personal and meaningful home alar.

Set up an altar in your home or out in the garden. Place things that you want to focus on in your life. things you want to invite into your life, things that represent what this month might mean for you, words, flowers or candles. Go nuts.