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    Lomiko Signs Agreement for Property in Quebec to Explore for Lithium-Ion Battery Grade, High Purity, Large Crystalline Flake Graphite

  • Domingo Javier Carvajal Gómez

    The driving force behind green technology.

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    Graphite infographic

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When you hear the word ‘geek,’ an image of a nerd with tapped glasses and a pocket protector instantly comes to mind. This infographic shows the evolution of the geek from super nerd to super chic. These days it’s cool to be geeky, whether you’re a film geek, tech geek or book geek. While there are still different levels of geekdom – one thing is for certain – geeks rule the world.

"College football bowl games have existed for over 90 years. They stand as cultural icons in our country. They create regional interest, support charitable causes, generate tourism, economic impact and tax dollars for host cities all the while giving young men the chance to enjoy a memorable post-season experience."Designed By OBizMedia

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Most commonly misunderstood lyrics (and the definition of mondegreen).

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The Darwinian Evolution of Microsoft Windows

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Color plays a key role in branding and reputation - colors of the web and the brands that incorporate them into their logos info graphic